2 thoughts on “Brazing a Paper Bicycle frame

  1. I absolutely LOVE your innovative frame design. Just one question though: I want to buy one to use as an urban commuter bike, but I carry lots of cargo — laptop, lunch, change of clothes, groceries — how can I mount a rear rack to your bikes?

    Wait. I have a solution: weld some narrow steel tubes at a diagonal between the rear dropouts and the top of the seat tube, one on either side of the rear wheel. Then you could even cut off two of the four chain stays to save weight. Problem solved.

  2. Nat

    I’m just about to start production of a rack specifically for the Paper Bicycle called the Starship rack. This can carry me, so it should be ok with carrying most cargo.

    There’s photos of this on my Flickr site, and I’ll also get information on the Paper Bicycle site soon.

    Like you say, I could add chain stays to the bike, but then the ride would be harsher, and the bike less nimble.


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